Tree Guards and Landscape Fencing Products

Street trees and garden flowers provide so many benefits to city life. Curb Allure’s do-it-yourself (DIY) high quality, modular metal tree guards and landscape fencing are designed to protect them and make our streets more livable, breathable, and beautiful.

Curb Allure’s interconnecting system of posts, rails, decorative panels and accessories can be used to create unique or classic-looking tree guards and landscape fencing. With a combination of our patented design, easily replaceable parts, “breakaway” brackets, and tamper-proof screws, our metal tree guards are extremely secure, durable, and able to withstand the challenges of an urban environment. Because of this and many other features, Curb Allure offers the most unique tree guard products available for your urban garden and street tree protection.

Below are examples of the frames that we offer:

tree guards on young trees and newly planted trees with tender bark

Standard 3-Sided

Standard 3.5-Sided

Standard 4-Side

And Landscape Fencing

tree guards - deer planting stock and trunk

Get Started:

How can you create your own tree guard or garden fence? Follow these easy steps.

  • Measure. For our measuring worksheet please Click here
  • Design. Click here to give us your measurements and check off your requirements, or give us a call at
    (212) 769-CURB (2872) or Toll Free (800) 800-5100.
  • Assemble. Assemble your tree guard yourself or have Curb Allure do it on site for you. Our team can also remove your old or damaged tree guard when we install a new Curb Allure one for you. 

Click here to view our brochure

The Parts

tree guards on young trees and newly planted trees with tender bark to resist insects, rodents, rabbits growth

Standard Components

Standard Frame

Regardless of whether you need a 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 or Landscape Fencing, Curb Allure’s posts, rails, caps and brackets are made with high quality aluminum that makes them extremely strong, relatively lightweight, and resistant to rust. How durable? Our metal tree guards received high marks from structural engineers who tested them for strength and durability. Click here to see their report.

How many posts and rails do you need? Our tree guards can be as short as two feet and can increase in 6-inch increments up to 10 feet and 1 foot increments thereafter. For landscape fences the same length rails are available and can accommodate different configurations with Corner, Intermediate and End Posts.

Curb Allure’s rails and posts uniquely fasten together with specially designed connectors and a proprietary locking system that ensures your metal tree fence is extremely durable and safe.

How much do they cost? The cost depends on the size of your tree guard. A 3 x 3 foot, 3.5 sided guard starts at less then $599.

Decorative Panels

Want more than our standard tree guard frame? Choose from a variety of side panels that insert through a discrete slot in the top rail and slide between our standard rails. We give you lots of options to make your tree guards look just the way you’d like them. Once your panels are inserted, just lock them for safety. A couple of our tree guard panel designs include:

Circle and Picket Panel

Flower Panel

Square in Square Panel



Pet Reminder Sign

tree guards part for tender bark on young trees and newly planted trees

Breakaway Brackets

Replacement Parts

When tree guards fall into disrepair, it can spoil a pretty garden and keep your street from looking its best. Sometimes it’s a missing ball that has been knocked off a post cap or maybe a truck has broken a bracket. While you can’t control everything that happens, with a Curb Allure modular system, you can handle any repair easily and inexpensively. Our metal tree fences aren’t welded together, so when something gets damaged, you can easily fix it. Just view our replacement part sto find the part you need and give us a call at 212.769.CURB(2872) or toll free at 800.800.5100. You can also email us at info@curballure.com or fill out our quick quote form. We will send replacement parts out right away.

The Details

Our rails, brackets, posts and post caps are made from either cast or extruded aluminum. Both the casting and extruding design and manufacturing process make the aluminum extremely durable. However, Curb Allure’s panels and certain accessories cannot be manufactured in the same way because of their design. Therefore, these components are made of steel in order to withstand the rigors of an urban environment.

Our products have a protective undercoating and are finished with one of the highest rated DuPont powder coatings available for outdoor applications, in order to minimize the effects of long term exposure to the outdoor urban elements.

Our manufacturers and Curb Allure designers, along with our structural engineering firm, have carefully chosen the perfect metals and alloys for our different components that strike a balance between strength, environmental friendliness, design, and cost in order to make this outstanding line of tree guard and landscape fencing products.

Examples of Curb Allure tree guards:

Single Vine with Planters

Single Flower

Square in Square

Floating Leaf



Landscape Fencing with Circle and Picket Panels

Designs are available in a variety of lengths and either 3, 3.5 and 4 sided tree guards.

Tree Guard Guidelines and Benefits in NYC

In New York City all newly planted trees with guards require a permit issued by the NYC Parks Department. To learn more about what standards are required to get a permit, to understand why you need a permit and what guards will not be permitted, visit www.treeguards.nyc for more information.

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