For Set Directors

Tree Guard Benefits For Set Decorators / Production Designers

If you want to make any set or outdoor location in your TV, Theatre, or Movie production look like an authentic urban streetscape or specifically get the New York City look, adding tree guards is a very quick, effective and cost-efficient way.

Curb Allure’s modular kit of parts are:

  • Shipped generally within a week of payment.
  • Easy to assemble with clear instruction manuals.
  • Relatively lightweight as the frames are aluminum making set changes efficient. Note our Panels and a few other of our Accessories are made of steel, therefore, are heavier but are only 1-foot square so still easy to handle.
  • Flexible and come in a variety of lengths. Our rails range between 2 and 10 feet in 6-inch increments.
  • Designed with replaceable parts including different Panels which can be easily removed and replaced for a completely different look. Also, you can easily swap out Rails for different lengths if your location changes and the tree bed in front is sized differently.
  • Easy to break down and shipped to a new set location as needed or stored for your next project. Note, most larger cities have nonprofit tree organizations that might offer you a tax donation receipt if you decide that it is easier to just leave the guard at its current location. Please do give them our contact details if they need help with repairs in the future.
  • In New York City, in particular, tree guard styles have changed over the decades and should match the period of your production.

  • 1980’s and earlier: Standard tall steel horse guards were the most popular, however, because they are not permitted in most cities anymore we do not offer this type of tree guard. For a photo of horse guards and other guards that are generally not permitted in cities these days go to:
  • 1990’s to 2010: We suggest a 4.0 sided tree guard with either our Circle and Picket Panels or Straight Picket Panel Design.
  • 2010 to Present: For a more current look, we suggest a 3.0 or 3.5 sided tree guard with or without a Swoop Down add-on, with either the Panels mentioned above or our Square or Flower Panel Design, all of which are NYC Parks approved styles.
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