Panel Styles

Shop Tree Guard Decorative Side Panels

We offer a variety of ornamental panels that easily insert into your tree guard. Once you insert your panels, just lock them and they are safe. However, they can easily be removed with your Curb Allure bit and a ratchet if needed.

Because our rails come in 6-inch increments, we offer full and 1/3 size panels to complete the look of your tree guard. Our 1/3 panels are available in the Straight Pickets, Circle and Pickets and Floating Leaf Styles.

Our “1/3” panels are exactly that, 1/3rd the size of our standard panels. Use these when the full panels aren’t quite enough to fill in the sides of your tree guard completely.

Curb Allure’s full size panels are just shy of one-foot square and our designs include:

The Flower

Straight Pickets


Square in Square

Circle and Pickets


Floating Leaves

Flowers and Pickets

Click here to see an overview of our panel layouts by length to help you design your guard.

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