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Curb Allure offers accessories that make your tree guard system more beautiful and practical, including garden planter boxes, upgraded post caps, and sit spikes, all which securely fasten onto the tree guard.

Ball post caps: Upgrade your standard finials, with Curb Allure’s ball caps. Our unique floating leaf design is embossed on the base and is whimsical and fun. Paired with traditional ball tops these post caps make a classic statement.

Adjustable feet: These compensate for a sloping sidewalk or help overcome the challenges presented by protruding tree roots, so your tree guard will be level. The foot inserts into the bottom of the post and has four different possible adjustments that raise the tree guard up to 3 inches in ¾ increments. Normally at least two feet are needed to properly balance the tree guard.

Swoop Down:
Add this decorative and functional element to your 3 or 3.5 sided tree guard. Not only does the swoop provide a graceful finish, but it also recesses the guard away from the curb, thus minimizing damage from vehicles.

Garden Planter boxes: Curb Allure’s garden planter boxes fit securely into the top rail and add additional gardening opportunities to your tree guard. You can add small potted plants, or insert a coconut husk (sold separately) and add soil and plant directly into the box. These boxes can be really useful if you have a very large tree pit or box where it is cost prohibitive to plant an entire garden, or you have a newly planted tree, that you don’t want flowers to compete with the tree’s immature root system.

Sit spikes: These spikes are the same width as our panels and securely fasten on the top rail of the tree guard. They are designed to discourage people from sitting on your tree guard, which can be particularly useful if you live along parade routes and around bars, where people tend to congregate and smoke.

Pet reminder sign: Eye catching and fun, these signs kindly remind dog owners that dog waste can harm trees and flowers.

Pup-Pee Protector: Our improved urine shield not only protects your street tree and tree bed garden against dog urine, it also protects your corner post against premature corrosion that is accelerated by “Pup-Pee”.

Ratchet: Curb Allure’s locking screws come with a bit, which requires a ratchet to fasten. You cannot fasten these screws with a regular screwdriver. This ratchet comes with a Phillips head bit, which is also needed to connect Curb Allure’s modular tree guards.

Touch Up Paint Pen: When your tree guard gets chipped, use our color matched touch up pen. Unlike standard wet paint, this pen perfectly matches Curb Allure’s powder coating and helps to ensure that the paint is only applied to where you need it.

Groove Covers:
The rails of our guards are designed with channels that facilitate our panels and accessories. Although functional, some prefer a smoother look for the top rail. Simply cut the covers to size and insert into the groove.

Deluxe Anchor Set: This set will make all posts more sturdy While two come standard on our sided tree guards, you might consider to add two more on this unit in high traffic areas or on any of our other guards if you are concerned about theft.

Concrete Feet: These feet can be used to anchor your tree guard into concrete. Ask your contractor to use concrete screws to fasten your tree guard into the sidewalk or cheek wall. Like our adjustable feet, they fit into the bottom of the post and have four different possible adjustments that raise the tree guard up to 3 inches in 3/4″ increments. If your project is on a public sidewalk, please remember to check for local permitting requirements before starting your project.

Security Anchor Set: Although our tree guards do not need to be anchored into the ground with concrete, sometimes it might be necessary for improved security. This set attaches to the bottom of our posts.

Pet reminder sign: Our new pet sign clearly reminds pet owners to kindly pick up their dog’s waste in both English and Spanish.

Security bolt, nut and wrench: Upgrade your standard post and anchor connections with proprietary Curb Allure bolts and nuts. When security is of the upmost importance, you can use our nuts and bolts to connect your posts to any of our footing options, and our thief resistant wrench will tighten and secure your fasteners.


Curb Allure provides a range of accessories to enhance both the beauty and functionality of your tree guard system, including garden planter boxes, ball post caps, sit spikes, and more.

Adjustable Feet compensate for sloping sidewalks or protruding tree roots, ensuring your tree guard remains level. With four possible adjustments, they raise the guard up to 3 inches in ¾ increments, adapting to the challenges presented by different terrains.

Curb Allure’s Garden Planter Boxes fit securely into the top rail, offering additional gardening opportunities. They're perfect for small potted plants or even inserting a coconut husk (sold separately) for direct planting, making them a versatile addition to your tree guard.

When tree guards get chipped, the Touch-Up Paint Pen, color-matched to Curb Allure's powder coating, provides a precise solution. It ensures that paint is only applied where needed, preserving the guard's aesthetic appeal.

Groove Covers are designed to create a smoother look for the top rail of tree guards. They are cut to size and inserted into the channels, providing a polished appearance while maintaining functionality.

Yes, the Thief-Resistant Wrench is compatible with our proprietary bolts and nuts, ensuring a secure connection for all Curb Allure tree guard accessories. It adds an extra layer of security to protect your investment.

Sit Spikes are designed to be the same width as our panels and securely fasten to the top rail of the tree guard. Their purpose is to discourage sitting, making them particularly useful in areas with heavy foot traffic or congregations.

Normally, at least two Adjustable Feet are recommended for each tree guard to ensure proper balance, especially on uneven surfaces. This helps maintain the guard's stability and levelness.

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