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young trees with tender bark require tree protection products to protect from deer, sun, bike racks and animals

In Washington DC, the small patches of soil that surround street trees are affectionately known as “Tree Boxes” by residents. However, in the city’s official regulations, these are referred to as “tree spaces.” What makes DC unique in its approach to street tree care is that it falls under the purview of the Department of Transportation (DDOT), affectionately called “Dee-Dot” by locals, as opposed to the Parks and Recreation Department, which manages this responsibility in many other cities.

DDOT’s recent update to tree guard regulations, effective January 27, 2017, has been welcomed as a positive step forward. These new requirements mandate that any fencing installed around tree spaces must allow unrestricted rainwater runoff from the sidewalk into the tree space. Additionally, the height of the tree fence should be approximately eighteen inches (18 in.) tall, measured from the sidewalk or curb elevation. While these regulations might seem like added restrictions, they serve to benefit both the trees and pedestrians. Unrestricted rainwater flow nourishes the trees, and an 18-inch fence height reduces tripping hazards, especially for those with visual impairments and during snowy conditions.

Curb Allure Tree Guards: Meeting New Criteria

The good news is that Curb Allure’s modular tree guards fully comply with these updated regulations. Our tree guards not only ensure the unrestricted flow of rainwater but also provide the required height of eighteen inches, making them a perfect fit for Washington DC’s tree spaces. Our commitment to these standards reflects our dedication to enhancing the urban tree canopy while prioritizing pedestrian safety.

Benefits to People

  1. Safety: Curb Allure’s tree guards offer a protective barrier around street trees, reducing the risk of accidents and tripping hazards, especially in adverse weather conditions.

  2. Aesthetics: These guards contribute to the beautification of Washington DC’s urban landscape, creating visually pleasing streetscapes and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

  3. Accessibility: The 18-inch height ensures that tree spaces remain accessible to all, including those with visual impairments or mobility challenges.

  4. Community Engagement: Tree guards foster a sense of ownership and community involvement as residents take pride in caring for their street trees.

Casey Trees: A Valuable Partner

In addition to DDOT, Washington DC benefits from the invaluable contributions of Casey Trees. This organization partners with DDOT to plant, care for, educate about, and advocate for trees in the city. Their collaborative efforts further enhance the well-being of Washington DC’s urban forests.

For more information about Casey Trees, please visit: http://www.caseytrees.org.

Stay Informed for a Greener Future

At Curb Allure, we are committed to providing up-to-date information and solutions for tree care in Washington DC. However, if we have missed anything or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@curballure.com. Your input and insights are invaluable in ensuring the health of street trees and the betterment of your community.

Curb Allure’s tree guards offer an easy way to meet Washington DC’s updated regulations for tree spaces, benefiting both residents and the city’s urban forest. With these innovative solutions, residents can enjoy safer streets, enhanced aesthetics, and a more accessible urban environment. By collaborating with organizations like Casey Trees and staying informed, Washington DC is on the path to a greener, healthier future for its street trees and communities.

tree guards protecting trunk from construction

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