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Tree Guard Benefits For Property Owners in NYC & Beyond

Street trees and urban gardens play valuable and necessary roles in our ecology and provide enormous benefit to the environmental health and vitality of our urban communities. Curb Allure is dedicated to the stewardship of these great resources by providing street tree and garden protection for New York City and beyond.

We’re already in New York, and plan to become involved with the Cities, Parks Departments and community stakeholders throughout North America. Our goal is to protect street trees and promote the benefits of urban gardening to help improve the quality of life in all cities.

A healthy canopy cover on urban streets provides vital environmental, social, and economic benefits for the urban community. Tree guards help to keep our street trees healthy. And healthy trees provide our community with a multitude of benefits. Here are just a few of the ways trees make a difference in our communities:

Landscape Fencing Ideas In Urban Environment
  • Trees reduce storm water run off. The canopy of a tree acts as a barrier between falling rain and the ground surface. That way rain moves along the leaves, branches, and trunk, so the roots can absorb it. This, in turn increases soil infiltration. Increasing the rate and capacity of soil infiltration helps to recharge groundwater aquifers12.
  • Trees improve air quality. Urban forests offer substantial air quality benefits, which are especially important for cities, where levels of air pollutants are highest 13.
  • Trees lessen the greenhouse effect. Emissions can be reduced through strategically planted trees 13.
  • Trees reduce urban traffic speeds. Studies have shown a reduction of the number and severity of off the road crashes on tree-lined streets compared to streets without them13.
  • Trees increase security. The more a place looks cared for, the more people tend to care13.
  • Trees improve business’s sales. Businesses on tree-lined streets benefit from increased revenues and therefore more taxes are generated13.
  • They protect us. Trees give us protection from rain, sun and heat and lower urban air temperatures. Areas that are paved and are not protected by the shade of trees can have temperatures 3 to 7% higher then other more shaded areas13.
  • They extend pavement life. Trees slow the sidewalk wear and tear and reduce the cost of frequent pavement repair and replacement13.
  • Looking at trees has health benefits. Trees are known to reduce blood pressure, improve overall emotional and psychological health13.
  • Trees add property value. Statistically trees add property value to adjacent homes and businesses, therefore increasing the tax base13.


Additional advantages specific to Curb Allure’s metal tree guard products can be found under the “Benefits” tab in the “Parks Department” section.

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