Our rails, brackets, posts and post caps are made from either cast or extruded aluminum. Both the casting and extruding design and manufacturing process make the aluminum extremely durable. However, Curb Allure’s tree guard and garden fencing side panels and certain accessories cannot be manufactured in the same way because of their thickness and design. Therefore, these components are made of steel in order to withstand the rigors of an urban environment.

Our landscape fencing products have a protective undercoating and are finished with the highest rated DuPont powder coating available for outdoor applications in order to minimize the effects of long-term exposure to the urban elements.

Our manufacturers and Curb Allure designers, along with our structural engineering firm, have carefully chosen the perfect metals and alloys for our different components that strike a balance between strength, environmental friendliness, design, and cost in order to make this outstanding line of tree & garden guard products.Click here to see the structural engineering firm's (Blue Sky Design, Inc. Consulting Engineers) summary report of Curb Allure’s Tree Guards.

You heard sctly. Apples to apples, steel is stronger than aluminum, that is why we extrude and cast our aluminum to give our tree fences the strength needed. As mentioned above, we worked with our structural engineering firm, Blue Sky Design, Inc. Consulting Engineers, and manufacturing partners extensively to create the cast and extrusion molds and chose the alloys to get the perfect combination of strength and function. Because you can't extrude or cast our tree guard panels and accessories, we couldn't get the strength we needed from aluminum and therefore we chose steel for these products. Click here to see our structural engineering firms (Blue Sky Design, Inc. Consulting Engineers) report on the strength of our aluminum tree guards.

Although our aluminum frames don't rust, they can corrode over time.  Dog urine is highly corrosive. To prevent corrosion, we recommend hosing down your tree guard --namely the front two posts where dogs typically urinate-- on a regular basis. Also, consider purchasing our Pup-Pee ProtectorsTM for the front two Posts closest to the building. This is especially important for the guards to the immediate left and right of large apartment buildings which tend to have a higher concentration of dogs. If you do see evidence of corrosion, call us immediately and we can advise you on how to fix your guard. Please read the Care Suggestions in the Assembly Instructions carefully for other useful tips.

Tree guards are little fences that surround the perimeter of a street pit or well that protect the tree from hazards. Tree guards are either 3-, 3.5- or 4-sided.  Landscape fencing and garden guards can be any number of sides and protect sidewalk gardens or can be added as a decorative element to any standard masonry wall.

Yes we can, but there will be a $149 fee for us to do so, but $100 will be refunded on your invoice. But remember, if you follow our simple instructions you can properly measure one tree guard in less than 5 minutes. Click here to see our tree guard measuring tips.

Our standard sized tree guards weigh about 35 lbs. Our extended tree guard (where one side is greater than 10 feet) weighs about 45 lbs. If you order side panels and accessories, they will be added, where possible, to the box with the guard. If the box becomes too heavy, or the additional panels and accessories don't fit properly, these products will be shipped separately.

Specifications mean different things to different people. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will happily answer your question.

Our products are made worldwide; designed and assembled in the United States.

If this should occur, we have made a commitment to Trees New York to keep our website live for 10 years and list on the front page the contact details of our bit supplier.

Making sure you have at least a 18" setback for residential areas and at 24" setback in commercials areas is key. Also please wash down your guard periodically to remove dog urine which is highly corrosive and consider adding our Pup Pee Protectors as urine is highly corrosive.

Curb Allure specializes in designing high-quality modular metal tree guards and landscape fencing systems. These systems are created to safeguard trees and gardens against various outdoor urban elements across North America, contributing to more attractive and breathable streetscapes.

Curb Allure's patented metal garden and tree fencing system offers interchangeability, ease of assembly, affordability, and longevity. This system, also referred to as tree pit guards, tree box fencing, or tree well fences, aims to provide reliable protection to urban trees and gardens.

Apart from the main fencing system, Curb Allure provides an array of accessories to enhance functionality and aesthetics. These include garden planter boxes, sit spikes (loafers), decorative post caps, adjustable feet, and urine shields.

You can explore our extensive range of modular fencing products, including NYC Tree Guards in Manhattan, by visiting our website. These examples showcase our products in action, protecting New York City trees.

Curb Allure's tree guards and landscape fencing systems have been successfully installed in various cities, including but not limited to Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Toronto, Seattle, and Montreal.

Curb Allure's DIY modular metal tree guards and landscape fencing systems play a crucial role in protecting street trees and garden flowers, thereby contributing to more livable and beautiful urban environments.

Curb Allure's tree guards are characterized by an ingenious interconnecting system that includes posts, rails, decorative panels, and accessories. This design, combined with features like easily replaceable parts, "breakaway" brackets, and tamper-proof screws, ensures exceptional security and resilience in the face of urban challenges.

For your convenience, our website provides a feature that enables you to select the length and width of your guard. This ensures that your desired design is available in the required dimensions. Remember to allow space on either side for the guard to move and position it at least 18 inches in residential areas and 24 inches in commercial zones.

For more detailed information about our products and offerings, you can view our brochure on our website. This brochure includes information about tree guard panel styles, layouts, accessories, and replacement parts.

Yes, to maintain the pristine appearance of your tree guard, we offer an array of replacement parts. While we hope you won't need replacements, if the situation arises, feel free to contact us at 212-769-CURB (2872) or toll-free at 800-800-5100, and we will ensure you receive the necessary parts.

Curb Allure provides an assortment of ornamental panels designed to seamlessly fit into your tree guard. These panels can be easily inserted and locked into place, offering both security and convenience. Should the need arise, they can be effortlessly removed using a Curb Allure bit and a ratchet.

Our panels are designed to complement various tree guard configurations. Since our rails are available in 6-inch increments, we offer both full-size and 1/3 size panels. The 1/3 panels are available in Straight Pickets, Circle and Pickets, and Floating Leaf Styles.

Our full-size panels are nearly one-foot square and come in a variety of captivating designs, including:

  • The Flower
  • Straight Pickets
  • Vines
  • Square in Square
  • Circle and Pickets
  • Diamond
  • Floating Leaves
  • Flowers and Pickets

Curb Allure offers a range of accessories designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your tree guard system. These accessories include garden planter boxes, upgraded post caps, and sit spikes, all of which can be securely fastened onto the tree guard.

While young, newly planted trees benefit most from tree guards due to their vulnerability, older trees in urban inviornments can also benefit from protection against dog waste, soil compacting, cars, and trash buildup.

The tall narrow arion fences called tree grates or horse guards can definitely damage growing trees as they can girdle or choke the tree over time.

The maintenance and replacement schedule for tree guards depend on environmental conditions. Regularly inspect tree gaurds for damage and repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Addition Brackets are provided in Bag A. 
We suggest cleaning and tightening your guard at least once a year. We also sell touch up paint if needed.

while tree guards are often associated with new plantings, they can certainly be used around existing trees. This may require adjustable feet to accomidate the sze and shape of mature trees. Our resources can help you understand the options available for protecting all urban trees. 

The beauty o Curb Allure's modular tree guards is that our rails span from 1 to 10 feet in length in six inch increments. In addition to rail lengths, you can further customize your guard with our different panel styles and a variety of accessories

Many cities have guidelines or requirements for tree guards to ensure they meet aesthetic and functional standards. Our city-specific guides take these regulations into account, providing you with options that comply with local ordiances. If you city is not listed, we are happy to help investigate if your town/ city have regulations in place. 

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