About Us

You’ll find that Curb Allure recognizes the invaluable contribution that street trees and garden flowers make to our urban environments. In fact, we’re quite passionate about tree and plant life in major cities! In the heart of city life, where every breath counts, we understand the need to preserve and enhance the beauty of our streets. Curb Allure is not just a provider of metal tree guards and landscape fencing; we are architects of urban aesthetics, crafting solutions that protect and adorn our city’s greenery.

Transform Your Urban Landscape with Curb Allure

Street trees and garden flowers play a pivotal role in shaping the character of our cities. Curb Allure’s tree guards and landscape fencing are not just products; they are a statement – a statement that urban beauty deserves protection. Join us in our mission to create urban landscapes that are not just functional but are truly works of art, enhancing the quality of life for generations to come. Curb Allure: Where Every Street Radiates Curb Appeal.

Hoboken Tree Gaurds

A Trusted Partner for Urban Greenery

Curb Allure’s commitment to excellence is endorsed by Trees New York, a non-profit organization dedicated to planting, preserving, and protecting the urban forest. We hold NYC Parks Tree Steward certification, and our team includes a Certified Citizen Pruner. When you choose Curb Allure, you’re not just investing in metal tree guards; you’re investing in the health and beauty of your street and city.

Our Innovation, Your Green Oasis

Curb Allure’s do-it-yourself (DIY) high-quality, modular metal tree guards and landscape fencing are a testament to our commitment to urban greening. Our interconnecting system of posts, rails, decorative panels, and accessories is a canvas waiting for your creativity. Whether you envision a modern masterpiece or a classic design, our products empower you to shape tree guards and landscape fencing that reflect your unique style.

Purpose Beyond Protection

Beyond functionality, Curb Allure stands for a purpose – a purpose rooted in the preservation and enhancement of our urban greenery. Our vision extends beyond protecting street trees; we aim to extend and enhance their lives, create green spaces where they don’t currently exist, and contribute to making every street more beautiful.

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If you would like to purchase our tree guard and fencing kits to install yourself, please fill out the form below for a quote, or contact Curb Allure from anywhere in the world by calling:
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