Kim Johnson


After leaving the workforce, Kim Johnson, the founder of Curb Allure, vowed to start her own business once her children, Jack and Kate became school age.  Her goal was to start a business that in a small way, would make a difference. After seven years, Curb Allure was born.  A company that would help protect street trees and beautify the urban landscape.

Kim had encountered the obstacles and challenges of urban landscaping and gardening first hand. She had spent five years attending to the street tree outside of her New York City apartment. She soon realized there was no good solution to her own tree pit gardening issue – dog waste was killing the flowers around her street tree. In addition, the expense and her own ordeal in organizing the purchase of a custom tree guard, made her realize there was a need to create a tree guard that was less costly, more flexible than regular guards, and easier to install and maintain.

Armed with an MBA, her experience in marketing and strategic management, personal tree guard knowledge, and her mother’s appreciation for gardening, Kim launched Curb Allure. With great success, she has put together an amazing team of advisors, including her father, who, along with her manufacturing partners, has played a critical role in the success of Curb Allure.  They all had a similar vision, to create something that would protect trees and make our cities more livable.

Her management team is a critical part of Curb Allure’s success as they provide tremendous support for key decisions, as well as broad experience and creativity. In addition, Curb Allure has had the privilege to work with some extremely knowledgeable and supportive organizations that have helped us tremendously along the way.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Thank you.

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