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In the heart of Boston, where the rhythm of city life beats in harmony with nature, you’ll find these green sanctuaries nestled within the sidewalk, often referred to as “Tree Pits.” These unassuming patches of soil not only beautify the city but also serve as vital oases where green life takes root, flourishes, and generously bestows fresh air and joy upon the bustling metropolis.

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Expanding Boston's Tree Pits: A Green Initiative

Boston is on a mission to expand its tree pits, and in this endeavor, bigger is indeed better. The grander the tree pit, the more soil volume it offers, and the greater its water capacity, resulting in happier street trees. If you’ve strolled through Boston’s streets recently, you may have noticed these trees wearing smiles of contentment. These spacious tree pits are not only good for trees but also play a role in diverting water, a crucial function as sea levels rise and major storm events become more frequent.

Educating Locals: "I'm New" Signs

Boston welcomes its new trees with open arms and an informative gesture. “I’m New” signs, scattered throughout the city, serve as friendly introductions to these budding members of the urban community. These signs do more than just mark the presence of a new tree; they are educational tools that offer valuable tips on tree care and provide contact information for any queries or concerns. It’s a small yet significant way to foster a sense of responsibility and connection among local residents towards their green neighbors.

landscape architect hardy alternatives for older trees
tree's roots after severe drought need ample rain
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A Cautionary Note: Say No to Tree Grates

While Boston is making great strides in nurturing its urban greenery, there’s one practice that’s best avoided – tree grates. Trees have a natural tendency to grow toward the sun, and the wind tunnel effect in cities can further impact their growth. Over time, grates can become constricting, effectively choking the tree. Even in the best-case scenario where a tree is perfectly positioned, grates fail to protect the tree’s trunk and tend to attract litter, marring the urban landscape.

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Add Your Heading Text HereCelebrating Creativity in Urban Greening

As you explore Boston’s tree-lined streets, you’ll encounter not only the city’s commitment to green growth but also the creativity of its residents. From charming garden plantings to vibrant window boxes and artistic signage, the city’s denizens take pride in their contribution to the urban ecosystem. Each vibrant window box and well-crafted sign is a testament to the love and care Bostonians have for their city and its green inhabitants.

Curb Allure Tree Guards: Protecting Boston's Urban Canopy

To safeguard the health and vitality of Boston’s street trees, including those thriving in its expanding tree pits, consider Curb Allure tree guards. These guards not only meet the city’s stringent criteria for tree care but also offer a practical and aesthetic solution for protecting these vital green assets.

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Benefits to People and the City of Boston

Investing in Curb Allure tree guards goes beyond protecting trees; it benefits both residents and the city of Boston. Street trees improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, enhance property values, and contribute to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing urban environment. By safeguarding these green treasures with innovative tree guards, Boston residents can enjoy these advantages to the fullest.

Boston’s “Tree Pits” are more than just spaces in the sidewalk; they are living testaments to the city’s dedication to urban greening. By expanding and nurturing these pockets of green, Boston is not only enhancing its beauty but also contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future. With the help of informative signs, the creative spirit of its residents, and the protective embrace of Curb Allure tree guards, Boston’s urban canopy is thriving. As we continue to learn, adapt, and care for our urban greenery, we are ensuring a brighter future for both the trees and the communities they grace.

We always try to keep our information as up to date as possible – but if we have missed something, please let us know (contact us at, as we are happy to update this page as needed. The better informed we all are, the better it is for the street trees and your community.

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