For Businesses

Tree Guard Benefits for Businesses

Urban trees and gardens improve local business activity and increase commercial property values for cities such as New York City and beyond. Shoppers make more frequent visits and stay longer at businesses that are on tree-lined commercial streets or are in districts that are bordered by urban trees, gardens and parks.

By taking care of your street trees and urban gardens, you are letting your customers know you are a committed ‘green business’ before they walk in the door. Advantages specific to businesses that have healthy well-maintained trees outside of their establishment include:

  • Customer service ratings: Increases by 15%8.
  • Product quality: Customers perceptions increase by 30%9.
  • Sales: Increases revenue generation by up to 12%10.
  • Employee productivity: Employees’ work more efficiently11.


There are countless other benefits of trees for businesses and homeowners including reduced graffiti, violence and noise. For a complete list, please review the benefits in the property owner’s section.

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