“We are very pleased with the look of our tree pit guard. In fact, we think we could use one more planter/liner."

Eileen M
Brooklyn, NY


“A fallen tree crushed my car AND my new tree guard, but the tree guard was much easier to repair. It took a total of 10 minutes to swap out 4 Curb Allure break away brackets and my tree guard was good as new. This is a very versatile, durable product. Thanks Kim!"

Ken Germer
Washington, DC


“It’s been almost two years since we had a Curb Allure tree guard installed on our block in Brooklyn. The guard was originally purchased for its beautiful, classic and versatile design. What has ended up being the most impressive aspect of the tree guard is that it looks like it was installed just last month!!"

Esther Hickman
Park Place Place Block Association, Brooklyn


"One morning, I was heartbroken to discover that the tree guard outside our apartment building had been hit. The red van parked in front of it was to blame. The rear of the van was dented and scraped and red paint was left on the guard itself. Curb Allure had assured me the breakaway brackets on their guards were easy to fix, now I was going to find out. The whole process of changing out the brackets took 15 minutes. No one would know the guard had been hit. The same cannot be said for the van! When other guards from other companies are damaged, they take months to fix and the entire guard needs to be replaced. I’ll take 15 minutes over 15 weeks any day."

Angela Zagoren
Condo Board, Manhattan


"Curb Allure’s sturdy and elegant tree guards provide an attractive solution to protecting young street trees on the side our apartment building. Our neighborhood is a commercial district with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic on lower Madison Avenue in Manhattan. No longer do we need to worry about our trees being damaged by dog waste, pedestrians compacting soil, piles of garbage bags and delivery truck drivers unloading freight. Our building looks more valuable with visually appealing tree guards preserving our trees. Curb Allure’s team is customer friendly and easy to work with."

Victoria Watkins
Lower Madison Partnership

Letter of Endorsement from Trees New York


Letter of Endorsement from Blue Sky Design