Holiday Gifts That Grow (Literally) & Support Urban Forest Protection

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Urban Forest Protection Donations

The holidays are a time for giving. So, if you’re strapped for ideas on those last minute gifts, consider donating to a cause that matters to your loved ones and supports urban forest protection.

At Curb Allure, we have dedicated ourselves to the belief that trees and gardens are the lungs (and souls) of our communities. If this resonates with you or someone you love, here’s a list of wonderful organizations that could use your donations for urban forest protection. We know first-hand that each of these groups make a real difference, namely in our hometown New York City.

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In 1976, New York City faced severe spending cuts to all forestry and tree-related community service. In response, concerned citizens launched TreesNY, which has since developed an impressive list of urban forest protection programs to fulfill its mission “to plant, preserve and protect New York City’s urban forest through education, active citizen participation and advocacy.”  Programs include Citizen Pruner Tree Care Course, Greening the Bronx Reforestation Project, and Youth Environmental Literacy. Its most recent program, FruiTreesNY, has begun planting orchards throughout the five boroughs. Visit website:

New York Restoration Project

Founded by famed entertainer Bette Midler, the New York Restoration Project has been “transforming open space in underserved communities to create a greener sustainable NYC” since 1995. NYRP offers a wide-range of programs, such as Hurricane Sandy outreach, Gardens for the City, and environmental education in NYC public school. Today, NYRP is perhaps best known for joining forces with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration to launch Million Trees NYC, whose goal is to plant one million trees across the five boroughs by 2017. So far, this tremendously popular initiative has put over 800,000 trees in the ground. Visit website:

City Parks Foundation

Have you ever enjoyed a SummerStage performance in Central Park? Then you’ve already benefitted from the services of City Parks Foundation, created to “provide free and accessible arts, sports, education and community-building programs within NYC parks.”  Aside from super-fun activities like performances, free tennis lessons and youth summer programs, City Parks also fosters environmental outreach by hosting the annual conference Partnership for Parks for community groups and It’s My Park Day volunteer events. Visit website:

Alliance for Community Trees (AC Trees)

The only national organization on our list, Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) is “a vibrant network of over 200 nonprofits and agencies that promote the environmental, economic, public health, and social benefits of trees and urban forests.” Not only is AC Trees responsible for planting 15 million trees with 5 million volunteers, but it also provides grants and awards to members; raises awareness about trees and urban forests through its National NeighborWoods® Month in October; and advocates for policies that protect and sustain trees and urban forests for the benefit of people and communities. Visit website:

Based on our experience, donors cannot go wrong with any of these nonprofits to support urban forest protection. However, we are curious about who’s making an impact in your community. What’s your favorite tree, garden or parks organization? We’d love to hear. Happy Holidays.

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