Happy Anniversary to Curb Allure: Growing Tree Gardens Since 2010


My mother Elizabeth Bagley, the inspiration for Curb Allure

Three years ago today—April 24th—we launched Curb Allure with a vision of making our city streets more livable and beautiful.  I am proud to report that, since then, we have created a product worthy of attracting the praise and attention of the New York Parks Department, TreesNY, and fellow urban dendrophilians (that means tree lovers!) like you.

Our road to this point has hardly been glamorous. In our quest to create the best tree guard possible, we spent countless hours learning the characteristics of dog urine. We’ve obtained patents and trademarks, revamped product design for maximum performance, and built an infrastructure for manufacturing, marketing and personnel.

Like the trees themselves, Curb Allure would never have come to fruition had we not dedicated so much time and energy to planting this strong foundation. Nor would we exist without the love and inspiration of one special person, my mother Elizabeth Bagley (nee Horsman).

When my husband and I decided to raise our family in New York City, my mother was horrified. “Where will you plant your garden?” she asked.  As an avid gardener, my Mom could not imagine bringing children into a world that did not include a backyard full of foliage. To her, trees and flowers were essential to building a community and sense of well-being.

I came up with the best alternative a Manhattan apartment dweller could: I volunteered to fix the decrepit brick tree guard that dangerously lurked outside our building. It was then that I encountered the obstacles of urban landscaping and gardening firsthand. While caring for our street tree, I could not find any effective solutions to protecting my tree pit—dog waste was killing the flowers in the street tree garden.

Around this time, in 2009, my mother passed away. Prior to her death, she gave me a check with clear instructions to “do something that makes you happy.” Armed with our mutual passion, I used that check as seed money to launch Curb Allure, a company that would help protect street trees and beautify the urban landscape.

Curb Allure was born on my mother’s birthday, April 24, 2010.

Trees are all about legacy. One generation plants their roots to provide fresh air, shade, and beauty for those who follow. My mother taught me that trees and flowers are not just pretty, but an integral part of a community. Curb Allure embodies that value, and I cannot imagine a better way to honor Mom’s memory. I think she would be pleased.

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